The resistance of women garment workers against the dehumanization of the factories has led us on this journey to acknowledging ourselves as part of nature. La Mujer Obrera's urban agricultural project is one of the ways we are fostering our return to the land.

La Mujer Obrera's Community Farm is located at 208 Glenwood in South Central El Paso.

This project is part of our broader food justice initiative. The community farm helps us rediscover ways to respect and honor the land and in doing so we learn to respect and honor ourselves. We are working to build a local food system that nourishes families and honors Mesoamerican land-based traditions. Our community farm is an educational hub where community members can come to reconnect with the land, share in collective labor, and build food autonomy. Through transformation and resilience we are creating community.

Produce from the farm will be shared with volunteers and sold at our farmers market this summer.


Regular volunteer hours are Sundays 10:30 to 1:00.

Please call 915-497-5177 for more information and to visit the farm. 


Every generation connecting with the land